Monday, January 13, 2014

2014 Anticipated Books and My Reading Plan

2013 was a great year for catching up on my reading. And 2014 looks great! It should come as no surprise that by far my most anticipated book is by Mark Lawrence, called Prince of Fools , the first book in a new trilogy called The Red Queen's War. Another book I can't wait for is Joe Abercrombie's first book in a new series called Half a King. He recently released cover art (which is beautiful) and the first chapter and it can be found here Half a King Excerpt. I'm a bit worried as well about this as it is considered a "classic coming-of-age-tale" and also falls into the YA fantasy genre, neither to points which intest me much these days. However, I have loved all of the book I have read by him and he is such an excellent writer and storyteller that I don't think these books will disappoint.  I ended last year reading an ARC copy by one of my favorite authors, Andy Remic, whose new book is called The Iron Wolves; I LOVED it! It was one of the highlights of my reading year. Book 2 of The Rage of Kings comes out in July and is called The White Towers. Book 4 of the Gentleman Bastard series by Scott Lynch, called The Thorn of Emberlain, is scheduled for release later in the year. His last book, The Republic of Thieves, was in my top 5 for 2013. Another of the best books I read last year is Brandon Sanderson's book The Way of Kings, an author I have struggled reading, and whose 2nd book in The Stormlight Archive series, Words of Radiance, is due this year and I am super excited about that book.

I also anticipate the many books in new series started by 2013 debut authors whose works I loved last year. These include Luke Scull's Grim Company series book 2 Sword of the North, Brian McClellan's 2nd Powder Mage book The Crimson Campaign, Snorri Krisstjansonn's The Valhalla Saga book 2, Blood Will Follow, Anthony Ryan's acclaimed series Raven's Shadow, book 2 called Tower Lord, and Miles Cameron's 2nd book in The Traitor Son Cycle The Fell Sword, (his first book actually came out in 2012). Also, there is no word I have seen yet but I hope that James A. Moore will write another book in the same world as his excellent book Seven Forges (he is not a debut author).

As for new and other authors and series, the first upcoming book I have been looking forward too as have many others is by Brian Staveley, called The Emperor's Blades. This book is beginning to get positive reviews and is coming out Today. Another book out today is the first of a new series by David Daglish called Dawn of Swords. A book coming out in February I just found out about that looks very good is by Jen Williams called The Copper Promise. In March John Sprunk's first book of a new series comes out called Blood and Iron and it has me extremely interested. Sam Sykes book The City Stained Red is coming out in April as does Michael Sullivan's book Hollow World which looks very unique. Mark Lawrence wrote a review praising The Incorruptibles, by John Hornor Jacobs and comes out in June and I will definitely check it out. Late in the year Bradley P. Beaulieu's new book in a series comes out called Twelve Kings in Sharakhai and also late comes out Pierre Pevel's book The Knight (High Kingdom, #1).

Some great looking Warhammer 40K books come out this year including Gav Thorpe's Master of Sanctity, Chris Wraights Stormcaller, and Aaron Dembski_Bowden's The Talon of Horus, which should be amazing as he is one of my favorite authors and one of the greatest writers I have read in any genre. I have not yet become that interested in any upcoming forgotten realms books for 2014 but I have read the first and second in The Sundering series and book 4 of 6 comes out in February called The Reaver by Richard Lee Byers. The first 2 that I read were outstanding. I'm a bit behind in the Warhammer old world books and still need to research for this years releases. I enjoy the 40K world a bit more so I'm more focused on that.

In between all these new releases, and many others, I will reread Mark Lawrence's Broken Empire trilogy, read Joe Abercrombie's 2 stand alones I haven't read yet (I loved Best Served Cold) , reread Brent Weeks The Way of Shadows , Scott Lynch's The Lies of Locke Lamora , and maybe Abercrombie's The Blade Itself. I also want to finish Stephen King's The Dark Tower Series, the next book being The Drawing of the Three, all of Glen Cook's Black Company books, the next I am in order to read is Shadows Linger, all of James Barclay's Raven books next up is Noonshade, the remaining Gemmell Drenai books, I'm up to Hero in the Shadows, at least a few more Malazan books, next to read is Memories of Ice, the end of Galley's Emaneska books which is 1 book split into 2, the first part being Dead Stars - Part One, as many Horus Heresy books as possible, I am only up to number 2 False Gods, about 10 Warhammer 40K series I have started, several Warhammer and Forgotten Realms series I have started, and finally, Martin's A Dance with Dragons.

Several others I have recently discovered are Rjurik Davidson's Unwrapped Sky, which comes out in April, N.K. Jemisin has a book coming out in August called The Fifth Season which I look forward too because I really couldn't get into her first trilogy, and a March release which is starting to gain hype by Den Patrick called The Boy with the Porcelain Blade.

This list is certainly not all inclusive because I have over 40 books on my Goodreads anticipated new books shelf and there are many, many other books I want to read. I also read in other genres so that adds more as well. Coming soon I hope to post some top 10 lists, including my all time best fantasy books, most anticipated for 2014, and best books of 2013.

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