Thursday, March 6, 2014

Review of Among Thieves (Tales of the Kin #1) by Douglas Hulick

Among Thieves (Tales of the Kin, #1)Among Thieves by Douglas Hulick
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Writing 4/5
Imagination 4/5
Plot 4.5/5
Setting 4.5/5
Characters 3.5/5

My Overall Enjoyment 4.5/5

Goodreads description-
Drothe has been a member of the Kin for years, rubbing elbows with thieves and murderers in the employ of a crime lord while smuggling relics on the side. But when an ancient book falls into his hands, Drothe finds himself in possession of a relic capable of bringing down emperors-a relic everyone in the underworld would kill to obtain.
I am so glad I gave this another try. I think it is an excellent book! Perfect for fans of thieves, assassins, and stories about seedy underworlds. This was a quick read. By that, I mean it was very smooth and very readable and not overly descriptive or meandering. Douglas Hulick has created a great world and we just get a taste in this first book. Rich in history and lore, I loved learning about the origins of the empire, the unique magic system, how different areas are controlled as well as all the characters back-stories. I loved the descriptive names of different occupations like Agony Men(torturers), Mouths(magic users), Noses(information gatherers/sorters), Ears(Spys), etc. Some crazy plot twists, this was also a mystery story, with all the different intrigues that includes as well as a hunt for relics, an especially attractive story-line to me. There are a lot of characters, some of them well imagined but a few others seemed a little flat. This book, to me anyway, was more plot driven than character driven, so the few characters lacking development doesn't affect the quality of the book, just something I noticed. The book wraps up nicely but after reading this, you will want to read the next one Sworn in Steel, coming out this summer.

Normally, I don't like to compare books but after reading reviews of this book and the comparisons with Scott Lynch and Joe Abercrombie a mention is inescapable. It is obviously similar to The Lies of Locke Lamora in that the main characters are thieves but to me it stands on its own with its own merits. As for the Joe Abercrombie comparisons, I don't see it. Very different to me.

Great book and highly recommended! One of the best fantasy books I have read that features a criminal underworld with thief/assassin type characters. This is a very fast paced book; one you won't be able to stop reading. Check it out!


Nathan (@reviewbarn) said...

Now that the second one is coming out I feel I ought to track down this one. It does seem to be rightup my alley.

philip witvliet said...

I can't wait for the second one! This is a first-rate book.